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Diversity and Inclusion

Research programme 2018

Diversity is a fact. Inclusion is a choice.

Our society is, by its nature, diverse. Diversity in an organisation simply equals representation. 

Inclusion engages each individual regardless of their background and makes them feel valued and essential to the organisation.

Inclusion is about recognising the whole person, not just their education, physical characteristics, cultural background or work experience. It means every employee sees the opportunity to join in, every employee hears supportive language and every employee feels that they are part of an inclusive organization. 

Without inclusion the crucial connections that attract diverse talent, encourage participation, foster innovation and lead to business growth won’t happen. When people feel valued, they function at full capacity and feel part of the organisation’s mission.

of LGBT workers hide their sexual orientation in their workplace
HRC (2014)
of FTSE100 companies do not have any directors of colour
Parker Review (2016)
benefit to the UK economy by closing the gender pay gap
McKinsey (2016)

Our research

While it’s easy to measure diversity, quantifying inclusion can be difficult.

It has required legislation to get companies to reveal gender pay differences. Understanding inclusion will need more subtle measures.

That's why,  in 2018, we are starting a research programme to understand diversity and inclusion in business finance organisations. The aim is to identify barriers and opportunities, uncover best practices and pinpoint interventions that work. 

The research is part of our wider mission to help businesses understand the benefits of building diverse and inclusive leadership, management, organisations and teams, and to help organisations embed inclusion and diversity into hiring, performance management, succession management, leadership development and learning.

The research begins with deep dives to understand how diversity and inclusion is currently addressed from the perspective of senior leaders. Then, a baseline survey will gather quantitative information, followed by an attitudes and expectations survey - a  barometer for the industry that provides insights that will help us to develop new interventions in collaboration with companies and industry bodies.

The research will report back late 2018.


Deep dives

How senior leaders see the diversity and inclusion challenge

Baseline survey

Quantitative data on diversity and inclusion

Attitudes and expectations survey

Create a barometer on diversity and inclusion


Report back and stimulate new approaches



July 2017
Diversity and Inclusion panel, London

A panel discussion at The FLA annual conference. 


November 2017
Diversity and Inclusion panel, Amsterdam

A panel discussion at The Leasing Life conference. 
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January 2018
Unconscious Bias
Metro Bank, London

An event in conjunction with Alfa^ and Metro Bank on Unconscious Bias.
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April 2018
Industry engagement meeting
Locke Lord, London

An industry engagement session to outline our research plans and diversity and inclusion strategy. 


December 2018
Research briefing

The Foundation will report back on our research programme at an event in London. 

Get in touch

We welcome your comments on diversity and inclusion in business finance.

We'd like your insights, accounts of best practice and your participation in our research. 

If you would like your organisation to be featured as a case study of best practice in diversity and inclusion we'd like to hear from you. 

You can send us your comments here, or email us at


Who we are

The Leasing Foundation Diversity and Inclusion programme is led by

Carol Roberts Chair, The Leasing Foundation
Joanne Davis Locke Lord LLP
Emma Thomas Siemens Financial Services
Brian Murphy Alfa^ Systems
Helen Lumb Shire Leasing
Rania Pugh Aldermore

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